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BURN “High Intensity”

Results personal training studio is expanding with a brand new PT room and a new female trainer. To celebrate this we are holding an open morning at our studio in Derby on Saturday August 31st that will involve free classes, fitness challenges and more. As part of this open morning I will be running a brand new BURN workout entitled “High Intensity”. If you can’t make it down to the studio then the workout will be available on... more



The latest piece of kit to hit the Results studio are sandbells which can be described as pancake shaped bags filled with sand. Unlike traditional sandbags/powerbags the sandbells have no actual handles to grip so instead you have to hold the wet suit like material instead when performing lifts, slams, throws etc. This makes for a completely different feel and training effect compared to such things as dumbbells, kettlebells and... more


Ultimate20 challenge

Here is the latest challenge that I am putting my clients through. It is made up of 23 bodyweight exercises and the aim is to complete them all within a 20 minute time limit. Warm up: Normally I would take my clients through a warm up that would consist of all the 23 exercises that make up the challenge to make sure they know the correct technique for each one. They would complete a low number of reps on each one (4-6). This... more



This blog will follow my progress as I take up my own 30 day beach body challenge. My aim is to stay lean while increasing my muscle tone. I will be using 5 of the products within the Herbalife range (www.herbalife.com). For breakfast I will be taking the FI Healthy meal, for post training I will take the 24 formula 1 sport shake, as part of my healthy snacks I will use the Herbalife formula 1 meal bars, for energy to help keep me... more


Fighter Circuit

Here is a circuit I put myself through the other day that is ideal for anyone who trains in combat sports, particularly MMA (mixed martial arts). The circuit is designed to simulate the demands placed on the body during a fight by using high intensity training with minimal rest periods. It also uses sport specific movement patterns such as striking, sprawling and slamming. The circuit is made up of 10 stations with you working for 40... more


BURN 2 “Back 2 Basics”

BURN 2 “Back 2 Basics” picks up where the first BURN left off although this time the workout is designed to push you that little bit further. Using more advanced variations of exercises previously used in “Basic Training” alongside new combinations and brand new exercises, “Back 2 Basics” is sure to offer you a whole new challenge.   Once again the workout follows the BURN Bodyweight training principles, 40... more

Welcome to Results Conditioning Derby

With over 15 years of experience within the health and fitness market, Results conditioning brings you the best in personal training and group training at our fully equipped studio in Darley Abbey, Derby. We also offer home training with our BURN bodyweight training system DVD's as well as reps accredited training for fitness professionals through "Ultimate fighting fitness" MMA for fitness professionals.